Vector Sounds

MOLIMO - Molimo VS017

MOLIMO - Molimo
(VS017, 2015)
Vector Sounds
Black CD. Limited Edition: 250 copies.
Release Date: 23 Nov 2015

Chefa Alonso - small percussion, kechapi, soprano sax
Barbara Meyer - cello
Cova Villegas - voice

Molimo, the song of the forest, is sung by the Bambuti in their rituals. Its mysterious, unfettered sound blends into the woods, mingling with the songs of crickets, frogs and night birds. It seems to always be coming from afar as it steals through the forest, appearing and disappearing but never letting itself be confined.

The music of these three of improvisers could be described as a journey, a fearless quest to create unexpected, irregular, evocative musical textures. Interweaving delicate threads to create mosaics of vibrant colors, they do not shun rough edges, contrasts, strength, sweetness, melancholy, poetry. Their discourse is honest, vigorous and upbeat; three voices that are alert, exploring, roaming freely, searching for new paths, claiming new territories.

The musicians have extensive experience in the fields of jazz and improvised music, having performed in festivals across Europe. They have collaborated in a number of multidisciplinary projects, in ensembles such as the En Crudo octet or the Sin Red sextet, integrating poetry, music, dance, images and plastic arts.

Molimo has performed in various venues and festivals including the Hurta Cordel International Free Improvisation Festival (Madrid, Spain), Imaxina Son Jazz Festival (Vigo, Spain), Contemporary Art Museum (Marburg, Germany) and the Vortex Jazz Club and Lewisham Arthouse (both in London, UK). More recently, they presented their album at the Valencia Vanguard Festival Jazz & Cookin' (Spain).

Track Listing

  1. Molimo
  2. Pájaros de Marburg
  3. Nidos
  4. Lo que teje la araña
  5. Oculta en la noche
  6. Lluvia
  7. Respiración
  8. Escondido